Extra Courses

1. Spoken English Course

2. Certificate Course in Yoga and Meditation

3. Scout Masters Training Course

Spoken English Course

A compulsory course on Phonetics and Spoken English has been arranged for all the students of the college thrice a week. They are trained with different sub-skills of speaking with varied topics and situations to use the language. All the modern gadgets are employed meticulously to provide high-tech English climate.

Certificate Course in Yoga and Meditation

The activities of the college help much to promote the intellectual and spiritual developments of students. For a wholesome personality, physical development too, is inevitable. Hence a course on Yoga and Meditation is arranged for the students in which various Asanas and breathing exercises are taught.

Scout Masters Training Course

The modern trend in education spells out various extra curricular development of the learner. The compulsory Scout masters’ training course is provided to all students to bring out their hidden talents and to run Scout troops in their future career as teachers.