Professional Development Programme for Progressive Teachers
  • The Two-day Teacher Convention was organized for 44 teachers from 16 schools in and around Coimbatore city on both 01-09-2023 and 02-09-2023. Following were the topics:


    Resource Person

    Ethics from Ramayana and Mahabharata

    Swami Buddhidananda

    Introduction of Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning

    Sri N. Rajesh Kumar &

    Sri V. Eswaran

    Visit to Indian Cultural Heritage & History of Indian Freedom Struggle - Exhibition


    Dr. N.N. Prapakaran

    Orientation on Special Education and Adapted Sports

    Dr. S. Sivasankar

    Swami Vivekananda on Role of a Teacher

    Swami Bhaktivratananda

    Active Learning Methods in Teaching

    Dr. M. Jagadesh

    Innovative Teaching Method (Role Play, Jigsaw, Just in time)

    Dr. C. R. Sakthivel&

    Dr. M. Chandran

    Immersive Simulation-based Teaching & Creating Video Content for 21st Century Classrooms

    Sri V. Eswaran &

    Sri N. Rajesh Kumar

    • Professional Development Programme for Progressive Teachers (Andaryogam) for Management teaching staff of Vidyalaya Institutions was held on 29th January 2023. A total of 176 participants benefitted from this programme. The detailed list of activities is given as follows.


      Resource Persons


      Swami Virahananda


      Swami Harivratananda

      Guided Meditation

      Swami Nirmaleshananda

      Value Enrichment Lecture

      Swami Tadbhasananda

      Kandha Sashti Kavasam

      Vidyalaya Baghavathar Annas

      Kandha Shasti Kavasam

      Vidyalaya Music Teachers

      21st Century Pedagogical Practice

      Dr. C. R. Sakthivel

      Dr. M. Chandran

      Sri. N. Rajesh Kumar


      Swami Virahananda