Activities of IQAC
  • An FDP on “Digital Educational Tools for 21st Century Classrooms” for faculty members of Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Polytechnic College was conducted on 08th April 2023. A total of twenty-nine (29) faculty members participated in the FDP. The detailed list of sessions are as follows

    S.No Topic/s Resource Person
    1 § Virtual Labs (VLABS) § Online Labs (OLABS) § ICT Initiatives by Ministry of Education Dr. M. Jagadesh Assistant Professor SRMVCOE
    2 § PhET Simulations & Springboard Sri. N. Rajesh Kumar Assistant Professor SRMVCOE
    3 § GEOGEBRA § Augmented Reality § Virtual Reality § Video Content Preparation Sri. N. Rajesh Kumar Sri. V. Eswaran Assistant Professors SRMVCOE
  • IQAC, College of Education conducted an FDP on Vidyalaya Institutions for non-teaching staff members of Vidyalaya institutions on 25th March 2023. Dr. S. Alagesan, Director, SVCHC served as the resource person for the session. Seventy-two non-teaching staff members participated in the FDP.

    Seminar on Best Practices for Quality Management in Vidyalaya Institutions
  • The third seminar on “Best Practices for Quality Management in Vidyalaya Higher Education Institutions” was held on 04th February 2023. Each Vidyalaya institution shared its best practices in its respective criterion. The one-day seminar witnessed academic deliberations on the various criterions. Forty-one (41) participants form various institutions benefitted from the seminar. The detailed list of the presentations is given as follows.






Criterion I:

Best Practices in Curricular Aspects

Experiential Based Modular Curriculum

Dr. R. Giridharan

Associate Professor & Head



Criterion II:

Best Practices in Teaching – Learning and Evaluation

Students’ Performance Assessment

Dr. P. Vel Murugan

Assistant Professor

SRMV College of Education


Criterion III:

Best Practices in Research, Innovations and Extension

Enhancing Research Practices through Supportive Services among Teacher Trainees

Dr. S. Logesh Kumar

Assistant Professor



Criterion IV:

Best Practices in Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Best Practices Adopted in the Library and Digital Learning Resources

Dr. A. Velayutham


SRMV Maruthi College of Physical Education


Criterion V:

Best Practices in Student Support and Progression

Quality Enhancement through Students’ Support and Progression

Dr. M. Sethu Raman

Coordinator – IQAC

SRMV College of Arts and Science


Criterion VI:

Best Practices in Governance, Leadership and Management

Strategy Development and Deployment

Dr. M. Jaikumar

Associate Professor

SRMV College of Arts and Science (SF Wing)


Criterion VII:

Best Practices in Institutional Values and Best Practices

Work Integrated Learning

Dr. A. Balagurusamy

Associate Professor

SRMV College of Arts and Science (SF Wing)

  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) for the Year 2021-2022 was successfully submitted and subsequently approved by NAAC on 20th February 2023.